Hendricks Churchill is an architecture and interior design studio working with a holistic approach to design. Our process and culture are accessible, authentically human, and grounded in reality and in the landscapes our designs inhabit. Rooted in the rigor of research and tradition, our process is also intuitive and fresh, creating work that is emotionally resonant and deeply personal. Whether reimagining a new home or renovating a historic property, our design is never formulaic yet remains consistent in its historical accuracy, modern relevance, fine craftsmanship, and contextual suitability. A traditional approach is complemented by warmth, patina, and a quiet sense of play.

Our unpretentious, richly layered designs are the result of a clear vision and detailing that give rise to seductive spaces imbued with beauty, comfort, and individual character. Before we immerse ourselves in the design process, we initiate honest conversations about costs and a relative scope of work. Having worked in the industry for decades and adapted to the ever-fluctuating economy, we understand the importance of financial literacy and responsible planning. A well-planned project will yield an enjoyable process that promises success in both design and execution.


Heide Hendricks Principal Interior Design
Heide Hendricks Principal Interior Design

Heide is a founding partner and heads the Interior Design studio at Hendricks Churchill. While it might seem that Heide took a circuitous route to interior design, she began developing her aesthetic interests as a young adolescent. Her mother and father were both artists in New York’s mid-century bohemian art scene and raised their family in a house they built out of trees milled on the property. The ever-changing house was filled with artwork and unique finds from estate sales, flea markets and thrift stores. They taught their kids that every challenge has a creative solution and encouraged Heide and her four siblings to change and decorate the home in any way they saw fit. It was a life of abundant freedoms—traveling to carnivals where her parents painted portraits—but one that also brought financial struggles.

Craving a more stable life, Heide began her career in development and public relations for art galleries and museums, which partly scratched her itch to work in the arts. Regardless of where she was employed, she always exercised her intuitive skill for art and design in the places she lived. Layering in color and patina with a mix of eclectic pieces found in unlikely places came to define her signature style at home.

It was Heide’s interiors work at home that attracted her first interior design client. After having bought, renovated, and designed several houses with Rafe, she was able to smoothly transition her primary focus to interior design in 2008. Soon enough, word of mouth attracted a thriving network of clients. Her approach and style remain instinctive and intimate—in her words, “a direct offshoot of my upbringing.”

Rafe Churchill Principal Architecture & Creative Direction
Rafe Churchill Principal Architecture & Creative Direction

Rafe was born into a family of builders and by age twelve was immersed in his father’s trade. Despite this—or because of it—he understood early on that a career in the trades was not his destiny. After growing up in a small rural town, followed by four years at Bennington College, he knew it was time to go with his gut and pursue life as an artist. Following Bennington, he attended The Cranbrook Academy of Art and had some early success in New York City’s competitive art world. Although Rafe enjoyed his opportunity as an artist, he found himself longing for stability and eventually went back to construction.

After a few years of this, he and Heide purchased and renovated a series of cottages in Litchfield County, CT. During this time, he understood the potential of combining his skills and passion. Once he began to merge his love of art, design, and building, everything started to come together.

Rafe is interested in designing houses that have a soul and never feel formulaic. “We try to design for the long term and provide a vision that transcends the moment and current trends, because life evolves, and the house has to accommodate these necessary changes.”

As a third-generation builder, Rafe continues a family legacy while prioritizing traditional craftsmanship, cultivating a network of artisans and tradespeople that meet his exacting standards for finely detailed work. He directs every project from design through construction, taking a holistic approach that is guided by a bred-in-the-bone sense of honoring history, the surrounding landscape, and the needs of each client.

Casey Sunderland Managing Director
Casey Sunderland Managing Director

Raised in New England, Casey headed to Los Angeles after college and spent eight years at Creative Artists Agency, where he specialized in the packaging, financing, and sale of independent feature films, as well as building-out clients’ production companies. But his experience with a summer internship in architecture back in college had left him wondering if there was a life for him in architecture and design. After a few soul-searching months, it became clear he needed to move back to the east coast.  Today, he manages general operations at HC, develops and manages special projects, and plans the future for the HC team and studio.

Colgate University: BA in Economics, Film & Media Studies, Architectural Studies

Adrienne Sieverding Associate, Architectural Designer
Adrienne Sieverding Associate, Architectural Designer

Adrienne was employed at Brooks & Falotico until 2018, when she was tempted to join the HC team and work further north in the Hudson Valley. Exposed to the profession early on by her architect father, she helped renovate her parents’ home during a gap year in college—and surprisingly added architectural studies to her mathematics major. As a project manager in the HC studio, Adrienne diligently pushes projects toward completion while maintaining the utmost sense of detail in her designs. In addition to her demanding workload, she has also participated in the real estate market with the successful purchase of a fixer-upper in 2021. Today, she and her husband live in an antique farmhouse surrounded by several acres of open farmland.

Connecticut College: BA in Architectural Studies & Mathematics

James Harris Associate, Architectural Designer
James Harris Associate, Architectural Designer

James spent several years successfully working at De La Guardia Victoria Architects in Coral Gables, Florida, where he developed a deep appreciation for classical architecture. As a project manager in the HC studio, he helps spearhead the aesthetic direction of our architectural projects, while also sharing in the rigor of research, design, and execution. James was excited to return to New England—he missed his family, the changing seasons, and the historic buildings of Connecticut. Now back in New England, he and his wife are thrilled to be raising their young daughter and son close to family and not far from their family’s beach cottage in southern Maine.

Trinity College: BA in Studio Arts & Architectural Studies
University of Miami: Master of Architecture

Sarah Roberts Hale Associate, Interior Designer
Sarah Roberts Hale Associate, Interior Designer

Sarah grew up dividing her time between the Berkshires and New York City.  Her mother, a passionate collector of antiques, passed on a natural talent for creating beautiful spaces She worked at a hip-hop record label while in school and after graduation, then moved upstate for a job as an events manager at Basilica Hudson, an arts and performance space in the Hudson Valley. It was her ongoing focus on creating experiences, her love of the hunt, and affinity for color and pattern that added up to Sarah’s abiding passion for interior design. Her interest in art, music, and fashion makes her a perfect fit for the interiors team, where she works alongside Heide to guide and execute the aesthetic direction of their projects.

Bard College: BA in Photography

Lizzie Duffy Morley Architectural Designer
Lizzie Duffy Morley Architectural Designer

A New York City native, Lizzie joined the team after relocating to her husband’s hometown in the Berkshires. Now living in an 1830s Greek Revival, she and her husband are actively enjoying the responsibility of renovating and maintaining an antique house. Lizzie brings to Hendricks Churchill nine years of experience working with the impressive team at Ferguson & Shamamian Architects in New York City. Her dedication to architecture and passion for drafting standards have made her an essential part of the HC team.

University of Miami: BA in Architecture & Print Journalism, Certificate of Historic Preservation

Olivia Rassow Barnes Assistant Interior Designer
Olivia Rassow Barnes Assistant Interior Designer

Olivia came to interior design after years in publishing at Elle Décor, Oprah Magazine, and Boston Magazine. A New England resident with a lifelong love of history, she has long been intrigued by old houses and traditional ways of life. Olivia is passionate about working with textiles and seeing the new life they give vintage and antique pieces. She and her husband now live in the Berkshires enjoying a life they had imagined while living in Boston.

Canisius College: BA in Education and History
Pace University: MS in Publishing
Parsons School of Design: Certificate in Interior Design

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