Farmhouse Renovation

Built in 1871, Ellsworth sits on a quiet, rural road in northwestern Connecticut. Originally a 1,200-acre dairy farm, the remaining thirty-three-acre parcel of mixed woodland and open fields continues to tell the story of an evolving homestead.

Having admired the house for years, we knew exactly how to approach the renovation. In typical Hendricks Churchill fashion, we were careful to keep our initial response to the property as a touchstone throughout the renovation.

Today, Heide and Rafe enjoy Ellsworth as their personal home. It’s a place where they continue to honor the history of the farm, where the hay fields are cut and baled by a local farmer, and the large dairy barn now houses a workshop, garage, and party space. Like the house, the landscape is very much a work in progress. While the areas surrounding the buildings and nearby pool are somewhat established, they continue to develop a network of trails throughout the woodland forest with an eye toward creating an improved wildlife habitat.

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