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Rafe and Heide discovered their true home in a late 1800s New England farmhouse after a decade of living in Brooklyn, New York. The historic property, Ellsworth, is a showplace for their shared aesthetic and sensibility of designing for real life, and not for formality. At the core is a house of pared-down traditionalism with references to Shaker tranquility, Arts & Crafts practicality, and bohemian chic. Whimsical wallcoverings, striking colors, a mix of contemporary furniture and antiques, exciting works of art, and comfort abound—turning a workaday house from the nineteenth century into a creative laboratory of the twenty-first.

“The word I’ve often used to describe my favorite quality in the work of Hendricks Churchill is humanity—largely because of Heide and Rafe’s knack for creating interiors that feel layered, lived in, and loved from the moment the key turns in
a client’s door...”
Asad Syrkett, Elle Décor, Editor in Chief
“Hendricks Churchill celebrates the curious / collected / found / unexpected, by infusing a “hit” of mid-century modern against antique patina, layering the unexpected, and peeling it back to feel entirely comfortable, relevant, and carefully composed."
Steven Gambrel, Designer
"For me, there is almost nothing like the American farmhouse. It conjures up the images of warmth, character, patina, family. Heide and Rafe have captured the magic in their new book. They have combined their visions into creating a magical home for themselves."
Bunny Williams, Designer
“Heide Hendricks and Rafe Churchill have a natural feeling for the elegance and comfort of country living, which is evocatively captured in this beautiful book. Their masterfully restored and renovated farmhouse is an object lesson in the creation of a happy, dignified, and deeply personal home, demonstrating the vitality of traditional architecture and design for today.”
Peter Lyden, ICAA President
“I’ve been waiting for this book, just as I wait for new work by Hendricks Churchill to be published and give me inspiration about the future of American design. Their projects show that intelligence, ruggedness, and respect for America's classical past can still add up to something entirely New.”
David Netto, Designer