Village Revival

Originally purchased by Heide and Rafe as a speculative real estate investment, this historic house in Litchfield, CT, has become a much-loved property for both our clients and the HC team.

The 4,500 square foot house was built in 1858 in the Greek Revival style and later modified to include a mansard roof and Italianate flourishes. The house underwent multiple expansions in the early 1900s to accommodate modern amenities, including but not limited to, the bathrooms and kitchen. The original interior architecture remains primarily untouched except for minor changes to room connections.

Our client came to us not only appreciating the potential of the house, but also wanting the full Hendricks Churchill package. We simultaneously sold the house and committed to a project of architecture and interior design. These opportunities of absolute collaboration yield our finest projects. It’s the respectful balance of architecture and interior design that will revive and make this property whole.