In considering this home’s relationship to its natural surroundings, the windows of this 1920s home have been left unobstructed to preserve the intimate river views. A breakfast table is nestled within the corner of the sunroom while pale and nuanced paint colors brighten the space without detracting from the scenic views. We thoughtfully selected each piece of furniture, from custom-made pieces to repurposing curtains from the client’s mother that date back to the early 1900s. An array of styles converge at this property where a basement-turned den acts as a favorite meeting and entertaining space, while a formal dining room includes a custom-made table and modern chairs. The resulting home is comfortable and casual, while displaying a sense of sophistication and worldliness.

For the architectural design, we partnered with Albert, Righter, and Tittmann Architects of Boston, MA.



“Heide has joined both of our identities so beautifully, there’s so much of our shared family history here”

– Homes & Gardens