Larchmont Harbor House

This 5,300 square foot new house commands views of Larchmont Harbor and Long Island Sound. Loosely based on a historic sea captain’s house in Provincetown, MA, we worked with traditional proportions and details while including large windows that optimize views from nearly every room.

A waterfront property offers many opportunities, but just as many restrictions. Number one on our list of challenges was addressing FEMA’s post-Hurricane Sandy building requirements. The result was a precipitous drop between the main floor of the house and the existing seawall. We overcame this by creating stone and lawn terraces for outdoor dining and play areas with reclaimed stone steps descending through each terrace toward the lower lawn.

For interior design and finishes, we partnered with Trionfi Interiors of San Francisco, CA.



“The simplicity of the exterior façade is carried over inside, where historical details lend authenticity.”

– New Old House