Amenia Union Farmhouse

Located on nearly fifty acres of open farmland, this historic farmhouse was long overdue for a renovation. We had visited the house with several prospective clients before meeting the new owners. Most people, including the realtors showing the property, were overwhelmed by the condition of the house and its many layers of renovations.

Our goal was to strip away these added layers and reveal the original farmhouse. There was a brief period when the owners considered a large addition, but we ultimately convinced them of the importance of honoring the scale and history of the house. We approached this project determined to limit ourselves to the existing 3,800 square feet.

Originally built in 1820 and loaded with interesting details, we looked for inspiration in the existing millwork. While replicating millwork profiles, our alterations were seamlessly integrated to blend improvements with existing conditions. The success of this project is reinforced with our use of antique flooring, reclaimed hardware and an understated blend of old and new.